Job hunting – the trials and tribulations

Obviously I have polished my CV which, by my own admittance, looks pretty good and I have experience in many areas, all transferable skills from one arena to another. What I am not that good at though is covering letters, never have been. I’ve improved slightly over the years but still, not good at selling myself on paper. If you can get me into an interview I’m home, in my natural environment person-to-person.

What I don’t understand is this: jobs are listed on the various job boards, you upload a CV and tweak it to make it look good (because they never transpose well from your document to their pre-designed layout) and then hit the apply button; they then send you an email asking you to complete an application form! Why didn’t they just do that in the first place?

This happened to me yet again yesterday and all the information is there, on my CV but no, they want you to complete this online form that takes about 45mins (in that instance). What a palava.

I’ve done my bit being a store manager now, I just don’t want to do it again. There is far too much pressure within most businesses, it’s all about the bottom line and achieving/exceeding KPIs whilst slicing staff costs to the minimum. Working everyone harder and longer without the pay and, very often, the appreciation. No thanks

I’m happy to be an ordinary bod, go in do my job go home. Don’t even mind being an asst manager, I just don’t want the ultimate responsibility, I don’t want the stress.

So here’s another problem. I am an ENTP and we have very low boredom thresholds. Very low. Usually by 3 months in I’ve learnt the job and by 6 months I’m bored and antsy. At this point I want the next challenge; in fact, I probably started looking for it around the  3-4 month mark. This quote from Prelude Character Analysis is pretty accurate:

One reason why ENTPs find it difficult to keep on track is that their boredom threshold is so low that before the project is up and running they are thinking about the next one. They also hate commitment and feeling ‘shut in,’ and so they look for easy escape routes and will take one if things become stultifying. For the ENTP the chase is the prize and they will be long gone before it gets too serious.

Oh how true. On the plus though

ENTPs are creative, fresh and interested in such a variety of things, indeed whatever takes their interest at that moment, preferably the new, the novel, the exciting. They are excellent at reading people and situations and possess a wide range of views, interests and knowledge. This may, of course, be at the expense of depth, in that the ENTP will want to quickly move on to new pursuits, often before ‘completing the course.’ They are unconventional, sporadic, work with amazing bursts of energy with an enthusiasm that can be almost tangible.

So we have redeeming features 😉  I’ve never truly found an environment that gives me that ability to use my creativity and solution finding abilities (at which I am very good). Clearly I’m looking in the wrong place but I don’t know where is the right place.

Until then, I shall aim for mediocre, again, so that it pays the bills and keep filling in these stupid application forms even though they have my CV already.


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