Taking steps forwards

I viewed a little shop earlier in the week and by little I do  mean little. It’s no bigger than my bedroom. Nor does it have any stockroom or kitchen, just a loo. And it’s off the high street.

All that said, it was a usable space and I could have got quite a lot in there. Not having a stockroom means not overspending on stock, thus budgeting better; let’s face it, delivery these days is almost instant from most suppliers so you really don’t need to keep too much stock on hand unless you have a huge turnover.

Location is an issue even though there are well used restaurants and other shops adjacent and the road does lead to a school and residential area. Locals would know it was there but tourists are notoriously lazy – if it’s not right under their noses on the walk up from the holiday camp to the pub, they won’t go look for it. So that bothered me.

The estate agent was less than helpful. She arrived late, opened the door and then just stood there. If I hadn’t asked any questions at all, she wouldn’t have said a thing. So much for customer service. When I could elicit some conversation from her, she informs that I would have to put in a proposal to the landlord that would need to be drawn up with a solicitor, outlining how long I wanted the lease for, what I wanted to sell, any changes internally I might like to make and of course, the very basics, could I afford it.

The following day, I receive a rather curt phone call from the estate agents asking if I have a proposal sorted (in less than 24hours?? I don’t think so) because they have one that the landlord will be happy with. In other words, too late missy.

So that’s that then.

I have begun applying for jobs in order to pay for life in general but also a coaching course. However, this idea of a little shop is still there in my mind but it has to be on the high street and I cannot see any current retailers giving up their stores any time soon. But you never know.

A note on CV’s and Covering letters:
I am really not good at selling myself on paper. If you get me into an interview I’m great but although my CV looks good, my covering letters always look lack lustre. Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve tried to make them better, I’m just really crap at them and I don’t know why it should be so. Writing is something I love to do, just not about me I guess.


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