Election Day – a critical juncture in UK politics

I haven’t voted for years, simply because I haven’t been on the electoral roll so not visible enough to get a voting card. That’s what comes from living under the radar so to speak. But this one is important and so I decided to poke my head out of the shadows and have my say.

The British public voted for Brexit and that is probably the most key point in any manifesto this election. Leaving the EU must be done right with every benefit for the UK signed sealed and delivered. There are of course many other very important issues of the day, most notably the security of our country, particularly in view of the recent atrocities in Manchester and London.

So which party does one one vote for?

None are perfect. None will fulfill every promise it professes in their manifesto. It’s a case of reading between the lines whilst also looking at who has the most experience on the home stage as well as the world stage, who will do the best by everybody as much as is possible and who will serve their own interests the least.

The leaders of each party must also be carefully scrutinised. We don’t get to choose who leads each party, the parties themselves choose their leaders and I think most people in the UK would agree Theresa May is dreadful. Jeremy Corbyn is worse. He might speak much that the public agree with but he doesn’t have the experience to lead a country let alone unify his own party.

Whoever the country chooses, and one hopes they will choose wisely, we are stuck with for 5 years. A lot of damage could be done in that time as history has shown us very clearly.

So my fellow Brits, think very carefully before you vote.  I hope everyone has cogitated deeply on the meaning behind the rhetoric that has been spouted during campaigning and chooses wisely for the future of our country.




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