Six months in – my review

Yesterday my regional manager finally sat down with me to do my 6 month review. Only a little late but as you have probably been reading, there have been more pressing concerns within the business!

I was trying to think this morning the last time I actually had a review in any job and I simply cannot recall one in recent history, so it was an experience for me. We covered such topics as decision making and problem solving, organisational ability and planning, people skills, communication, commercial awareness and drive.

Normally, I don’t give much energy to others’ opinions of me, it can cause unnecessary anxiety and I’m perfectly capable of creating enough of that all by myself without adding to it! Nor am I particularly adept at dissecting myself or blowing my own trumpet. I do what I do and am who I am. I make no apologies for either, I just get on with life and deal with whatever is in front of me in the best way possible.

All that said, I was actually quite keen to hear what she had to say. Although this lady iterviewed me, she only sees me once every 5 weeks for a few hours, so I was interested to hear her observations of my character and work ethic garnered in that short space of time.

I will be honest, I hoped it would be all positive because none of us want to hear negativity of any kind and let’s face it, there are some dreadful senior managers out there who have no people skills at all and really shouldn’t ever be conducting reviews. However I respect this lady, know she is acutely aware of what goes on in her stores and is a shrewd judge of character.

I needn’t have worried.  She had noted all the positive that I have brought to the business and my team, things that I hadn’t even thought about. It really is satisfying to hear someone comment on your strengths and not focus on your weaknesses. When she asked me what I thought my weaknesses were, well, really there’s only one that stands out – paperwork. I’m simply not a details type person and paperwork requires detail. Not that my office is a mess or my paperwork is bad, I just find it tedious which means that sometimes I don’t give it quite as much attention as I should so I miss dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

So now I have become a fully fledged member of the company (for however long it lasts!) and passed my second audit, I can relax, and keep moving onwards and upwards. Of course this also means that should I need to look for alternative employment if the worst happens, I will get a glowing reference. Never a bad thing 🙂




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