The jury is out we have a reprieve

Today our company went to court to plead their case against HMRC issuing a winding up petition. It seems that behind the scenes, there have been machinations to obtain investment from an outside source which may come through in the next couple of weeks or so.

In the meantime, other things have happened such as selling property to bring some much needed income into the company. All this means that HMRC were happy to allow us a bit more time to gather this hoped for investment to keep the company going.

Along side that, we have been running a promotion in store which has resulted in big sales across the stores; my little shop, now in full summer season with tourists piling into the town in their droves and aided by glorious hot sunny weather this week, has taken much more in the tills than usual. It really is nice to be seeing a healthy end of day takings report.

That said, who knows if this external investment will materialise and if, in two weeks, we will still be allowed to trade. We are not out of the woods yet but for now, at least, I know that we will be paid. We won’t however be getting new stock.

Our shop is looking mightily empty in comparison to normal. In fact on tuesday I took the decision to condense the shop down significantly enough to effectively close off one area of the shop. In doing so, we now look like we have stock but in reality we have very little and absolutely nothing in the stock room at all. When it’s gone off the shop floor, it’s gone.

The mannequins remain in the window for now but once my walls start getting bare, they will be removed to fill gaps. Further condensing of stock will be mean taking product off floor standing hanging rails to fill the walls as I cannot cope with bare walls. At times like this, I am grateful to have a creative mind and be a big picture thinker because I can envision how to set up the shop to best presentation for the customer.

You might be wondering if I should really be job hunting and yes, I probably should. But despite all their shortcomings, I like the company I work for because they do give me the flexibility to be creative in the shop, unlike many retailers who send down strict planograms of layout. I also love my team and would hate to see us disbanded.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be dusting off my CV (still not done that yet!) but having looked so carefully at potential store managers roles online, so many have that prescriptive element to them which would stifle my creativity. So unless I can come up with money to start my own store, I shall stick to where I am for now and see how things pan out.


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