I have been poorly

A week ago I went to the Drs for a chat about my thyroid and other things as I have been really run down. That was the day my throat felt like I had swallowed a razor blade, albeit a small one but my tonsils were definitely making themselves known.

Saturday things progressed with my first customer through the door commenting that she could see I wasn’t well as there was a big lump in my neck where my glands had swollen up. It didn’t get any better.

By the end of the day I felt like death. Sunday was spent with a face that hurt. Don’t you just loathe it when you can feel a cold brewing because that face pain starts, behind your nose and sinuses, and then just spreads across your whole face. That was my sunday.

Monday I was in full nasal meltdown, getting through an entire toilet roll in one day just blowing my nose. My voice was ‘broken’, my throat incredibly sore, glands still swollen, eyes red rimmed with tiredness and I ached from head to foot. That day, had I not been training a new member of staff, I would have stayed in bed.

Monday night the coughing began. Tuesday morning I simply could not face work. I just needed a day to blow my nose every two minutes getting through another entire loo roll, cough till I felt sick, shiver, sweat and sleep if I could stop coughing and snotting long enough.

Wednesday I returned to work but in no better shape than tuesday. My staff were wondering why on earth I had not stayed in bed! Well, again, it had to do with training said new member of staff which is my job as the boss. The coughing had got to a such a point that I couldn’t eat because after each coughing fit I was gagging (though thankfully not actually wretching – I do hate being sick).

Thursday I turned a corner and for the first time in nearly a week, someone actually said “you sound better” because I did. Although the coughing was still a problem. Thursday night, after an hour of continual coughing, leaving me with a very sore throat and chest, I dosed up on cough medicine, tyrozets to numb my throat which I hoped would then stop tickling making me cough, and putting Vicks Vapour rub on the soles of my feet. An old wives tale that does actually work, oddly enough.

Well, one of them worked or a combination of the three as I finally slept through an entire night from 10pm to 7am uninterrupted. I haven’t done that for a while. Apparently this cough and cold is doing the rounds so I am not alone in my misery. An aquaintance told me that her GP was suggesting the cough was persisting with so many people (I don’t often get coughs) as it is spring and the pollen is high. She therefore passed on her Drs suggestion of taking anithistamines. I duly purchased some and they seem to be helping a little.

My chat with my Dr this time last week and the blood tests she took, haven’t revealed why I feel so drained and run down though. We both thought my (half a) thyroid was not functioning well but no, it seems fine; she was also worried about sleep apnoea (still a possibility) and ovarian carcinoma. That of course freaked me out but the blood tests have come back negative so nothing further to worry about.

Now if I can just stop coughing I’ll be a happy bunny.


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