Using a vape for giving up smoking for the second time

So last year, I took up smoking again for some obscure reason, after 7.5 years of being a very happy non-smoker. I don’t know where the urge came from one day but I suddenly got the urge to have a cigarette and, as anyone who smokes knows, it doesn’t take much to become addicted again. Especially not when you have an addictive personality as I do.

I knew around Xmas time last year that I would give up again soon. I knew I was ready to. I have to make the decision firmly in my head before I can take action and that happens, for me, over a two or three month period. It happened exactly that way the first time.

Three and a half weeks ago I took two weeks holiday from work. On my second day off, the sunday,  I fell asleep in my armchair which meant that when I awoke, the co op behind my house had closed. This is only significant because I was running out of cigarettes and meant to go get some before it shut at 4pm.

During the course of the evening I smoked my last three ciggies and that’s when apathy set in. It was dark, it was cool and I really could not be bothered to walk across the pitch black co op car park (which doesn’t feel safe always) to get to the main road to walk up to the newsagents that was open until 10pm, just so I could buy some more ciggies. So I didn’t.

Now usually, I have one first thing in the morning but the following morning I had none to have. I wasn’t bothered. And as the day went on, I wasn’t bothered. The week went on and I wasn’t bothered. I will admit, I had the odd craving and at certain moments in the day when habit dictates I would have a ciggie, but other than that, I wasn’t bothered.

I could, at any time, just walk the whole minute to the co op to buy some, but apathy was working its magic and I just couldn’t be bothered.

The second week however I was getting some serious cravings, to the point where I thought about buying cigarettes. I would admonish myself for such heinous thoughts immediately. But then I’d contemplate asking one of my friends/niehgbours who both smoke, if I could cadge one off them. Wrist slapping occurred swiftly!

So I  bought a vape, complete with wine gums flavour liquid stuff. What an amazing piece of kit. It was just enough to allow me to satisfy the urge to inhale and exhale. Because, it turns out, after analysing my cravings, it was only the inhale/exhale experience that I was missing. It wasn’t the nicoteine. It certainly wasn’t the nasty taste in my mouth or the dry mouth. The smell on my clothes was gone and I wasn’t missing that either.

Two weeks on from starting to use the vape and I hardly touch it. My intial cravings have subsided completely. What the vape allows me to do is take one or two puffs to satisfy the (very mild) craving and I’m done. With a ciggie I would smoke the whole thing when I probably really didn’t want the whole thing.

The benefits are huge: it doesn’t cost a fortune like cigarettes do; you don’t smell of smoke; you are not considered a social leper; you don’t have the difficulty of trying to light a ciggie in the wind; it isn’t addictive. And finally, it has to be better for your health.

Have any of you given up the evil weed using a vape?


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