Wearing a ‘uniform’ to work – why I have decided to

Clothes shopping is my least favourite activity. Ironic considering I am the manager of a ladies clothing shop. Shopping in general is not something I enjoy at all; for me, the rise of internet shopping has been my saviour, turning a tortous exercise into an almost pleasurable event.

Clothes are just something one needs to wear but I am not bothered too much what I wear as long as it is clean and suits me (colour, style, shape). Other than that, I don’t give clothes much headspace. Choosing what to wear each day is an exercise in expending energy unnnecessarily. It is truly draining.

Reflecting on this and my liking for uniforms, I decided to have my own. Afterall, Mark Zuckerberg wears the same thing all the time, so did Steve Jobs; even Barack Obama narrowed his suit options to grey or navy (sensible chap). There are a growing number of women who have capsule wardrobes, simplyfying their lives, so why can’t I?

For work we have to wear black, that is the chosen colour for employees though I am not so strict about it, I think black can really lower a mood whilst injecting come colour can lift it. Managers can be a little more expansive colour-wise with their wardrobe but still, black is the foundational colour.

I already wear black trousers or leggings to work anyway, plus I have some jersey knit long sleeved tops in black that I wear, which I’ve lightened up with coloured cardigans over the winter.  So I decided to build on that theme and have bought a lot more similar tops in navy, dark red, purple.

These simple plain tops make choosing what to wear daily easy as they go with everything whether I’m wearing leggings, jeans or trousers. This change isn’t just for work, it is for my daily life as buying, choosing and wearing clothes is a necessary evil for me.

I do have other clothes – different styles and colours – that can be worn when I really want a change or to dress up a little but on a day to day basis, my capsule wardrobe will be these coloured tops, all the same style, same material but in colours I know suit me and I feel good in.

Now I wonder if anyone will notice?


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