All quiet on the western front

It has been an exceptionally quiet week here with trade very poor on some days and others a little better. There is no footfall, town is quiet and still no one is shopping properly. I am worried about what head office is thinking and turns out quite rightly so: our MD phoned my regional manager who got in touch on her holiday to ask me to explain why trading had been so poor. Well, we all know the holiday camp is closed so that’s not helping but the elephant in the room is our stock.

The company is still trying to come out of the financial difficulties of last year. Instead of stocking the homeware that we are well known for and what our customers expect of us, we are stocking clothing. I understand why: clothing is cheap to buy and ship, high volume and quick turnover, filling the coffers faster than homeware. But…Few of us have had deliveries this year and those we’ve had haven’t been of great consequence. Which means that customers aren’t seeing much new in store, a reason to not feel inspired to shop.

To alleviate the boredom, I have a stock take in two weeks. Fortunately I don’t have that much stock in so it shouldn’t take too long. Now you would have thought that as a new manager, I would get some instruction as to how to conduct a stock take for this company (not that I haven’t done many in my time)  but no. My asst manager of course has done many, explaining the way it works and how it is supposed to be organised. Not even remotely logical to my logical analytical brain. But there you go.

The holiday camp is open again this weekend for a Rock extravaganza, fingers crossed they all want to come shopping!


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