Feeding the birds away from the neighbourhood cats

I have been contemplating this for some time to be honest about how to feed the birds safely, away from the two ginger cats that hang around our house, and from a first floor room.

window-bird-feederThen, whilst in a local shop, I found a window bird feeder that attaches to the glass with suction pads. What a novelty. I had no idea you could buy them! And here it is, safely attached to my window. I have an 8ft window span in my room, so 4 x 2ft windows, it now being attached to one that I rarely open but that IF the birds should find it, I will be able to sit in bed to watch them feed. I’m not sure how they are going to find it but I’m guessing they will if they are hungry. I’ve bought mealworms and mixed seeds to entice them.

Now for a little story. Years ago, my daughter and I rented a 5 acre field in which we kept our horses. In the corner of the field was an old curtain sided lorry back which housed hay, straw, feed, a kettle and other essential items, including bird feed. Because we had a very fat little robin that frequented the field, singing away to us most of the time we were there.

Outside the lorry back was an old wooden cable reel which we used as a bird feeder. On arrival at the field, Mr Robin would appear in the hedge, gradually hopping closer to the reel waiting for his food and if it was not forthcoming pretty damned quick, his chirrupping would take on an annoyed tone.

img_2579 bird-table

It was such a delight to watch him feast away. Once he had had his fill, other birds would appear to feast too. We spent many happy hours just watching the birds flitting back and forth enjoying themselves.

All this is a roundabout way of saying that I kinda miss that and just because I am living in a shared house, in suburbia, surrounded by cats, I shouldn’t still enjoy watching the birds. Fingers crossed they’ll find the feeder and use it lots over the winter months.




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