Illness seems to wipe me out more as I age

For the last few days I have been rather poorly, beginning with the shivers and shakes last sunday, the inability to get warm despite a thick duvet+blanket and hugging a hot water bottle. On monday, my guts started playing up and if I wasn’t sleeping, I was on the loo and not being sick.  At some point I began to wonder where it was all coming from.

I was utterly dehydrated monday and into tuesday, I felt like I was in the desert desperate for an oasis of water, despite drinking regularly throughout the day. My GP tells me it’s gastroenteritis and should clear up all on its own, the only concern being dehydration.

It is now thursday evening and although I am no longer toilet bound, can actually eat a full meal without nausea at the thought of food let alone consuming any of it, I remain rather tired and sunken eyed looking. I am drinking plenty but cannot seem to stop being so damned tired.

Hopefully by monday and my return to work, I shall be back to full fitness. RIght now though, I am struggling to get through the day without a nap here or there, sometimes both. I feel really old needing a chair power snooze, images of my mother and grandmother spring to mind. When did middle age creep up on me? Why does it take longer to recover the older you get? These harsh reminders of my 5th decade are utterly unnecessary thanks universe.

Just keep swimming…..


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