Post holiday reality hits

I have been away in Egypt for a week, with my daughter. We flew home yesterday. 48 hours ago I was having a morning swim in the sea lagoon hoping to see the turtle that lives in there overnight, before another salad breakfast and then a relaxing chocolate massage. My daily view has been the Red Sea, bright sunshine, warm breezes, palm trees, sandy beach and boats taking snorkellers and divers out to the coral reefs.

This morning it is cold, dull suburbia. It couldn’t be more opposite and already I am feeling trapped and rather miserable. Whilst I am not a sun worshipper by nature – you won’t find me on the sunbeds all day asleep – I love the brightness of the sun, the way it fills me with energy and well being, physical, mental and emotional.

As I age, I am beginning to understand why so many retirees head to warmer climes for the winter months. I too am yearning for the sunshine and warmth that brings, finding myself less and less mentally and emotionally happy in our British winters. Time to formulate a plan.


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