Staying in touch with old school friends

Last night, an old school friend who I haven’t seen in over 30 years, managed to track down my daughter on facebook and sent her a message asking if she knew or was related to me, mentioning the school we attended and her maiden name plus the name of a teacher. Of course my daughter replied in the positive and immediately contacted me.

I was rather taken aback by this, as for me, school ended at 17 when I left after the first year of A levels or Lower Sixth as it was known then but often referred to as Year 12 now.  I hated my school and simply couldn’t wait to leave so towards the end of that school year I began job hunting, got one and couldn’t wait to walk into to school the following day to say I was off.

At that moment, I left my school life behind with not a thought to one single person or teacher. And I’ve never seen anyone since, nor have I looked anyone up or had any desire to. So my blast from the past last night took me by surprise.

In fact, I wasn’t actually sure I wanted to speak to her or indeed anyone from school. I had a gut feeling that she had contacted me because there was going to be a school reunion or something which to be honest, I wasn’t keen on being part of. Turns out she has a facebook group page, the members of which she has tracked down over a period of time and was thrilled she had finally found me.

We chatted on messenger for a while, reliving some memories as you do, most of which I had no recollection and then added me to the group. It will be nice to virtually meet up with some people from oh-so-long-ago but personally, I am not a fan of reliving the past nor see much benefit in it; I tend to move on very quickly from people and places to whatever the next phase of my life is.  Let’s see where this goes.


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