Company wide ban on being mentioned across social media

I am guessing that this is a common occurrence amongst many big businesses these days – employees banned from talking about their place of work across social media.  I now have first hand experience of being at the wrong end of this company ban and I am NOT happy.

My facebook profile is private; my privacy settings are as tight as I can make them and I have very few friends, many of whom are in the restricted group and thus unable to see what I have posted anyway.

In fact I am pretty circumspect about what I post and who sees it. My profile doesn’t say who I work for or what job I do, nor even where I live and I have never mentioned the company by name anywhere. I am fully aware that my employer is prohibitive about their name being mentioned anywhere by staff.

However, I should not be prevented from mentioning work on my private page if I want to. I’m talking about not just “had a very tiring day, glad to be home” kind of posts, rather a slightly deeper post that expresses a level of disgruntlement about my day. No names mentioned, no company identifying information, just a grumble or a whinge. I should have the right to do that.

I understand the desire to protect a company brand and image, these things are important, but not when it impinges on my rights and privacy.



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