Housesharing etiquette – top 4

Living with others requires adopting a new thought process. In your own place, you can be whoever you choose to be, there’s no one to mind if you don’t ever wash up until you need a clean plate, or you leave clothes everywhere – your friends and family don’t have to spend time at yours if they don’t like how you live.

Whilst you’re living at home, your family will be more accommodating of your traits and characteristics because they love you. Sharing with strangers won’t afford you the same accommodations and for some, it can be challenging. But you have to adapt your approach when sharing common space with people you don’t know in order to maintain a harmonious househould.

There are some basic housesharing rules that will keep the peace, here are my top 4:

Clean the kitchen after use.
The most important of all. No one likes to make a cuppa in a filthy kitchen, battle someone else’s washing up piled in the sink, try to cook a meal whilst surrounded by yesterdays dinner on the worksurface. Once you’ve made a mess for any reason whatsoever, clean up!

Clean the bathroom.
The second most important rule. Don’t leave any hair in the plughole, the bath or shower, the sink, no one wants to share your hair. Flush the toilet no matter what time of day or night, seriously. Buy yourself a pack of cleaning wipes for a quick wipe down after you’ve used the bathroom. Don’t leave dirty clothes or wet towels on the floor. Don’t leave dribbles of shampoo/conditioner/shower gel/shaving foam anywhere. Refill the loo roll!

Maintain privacy.
When someone phones, take the call in your room with the door shut, don’t share the call with the entire house (unless of course it’s relevant to the entire house). If you end up having a heated discussion with your partner, take it to your room or outside, don’t invade others’ space with your bad energy. Remember walls aren’t that sound proofed no matter how thick, no one wants to share in your love life. Bedrooms are private spaces, knock on doors and wait to be invited in!

Borrowing and sharing possessions.
The golden rule is don’t, unless you have been given express permission. If you use someone’s food without asking, replace it with a whole new item. Don’t go in another person’s bedroom to borrow something, even if you know they won’t mind you using it – a bedroom is the one room that should be sacred and private in any home. Most people are fine with sharing and borrowing if asked, and unhappy about it when not.

These things are common sense and if followed, everyone will be happy. Housesharing can be fun and a great way to cultivate new friendships; once you have, ensure you follow the etiquette to maintain those friendships!


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